Feb 18, 2018

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Sober Homes: A Hand Up to Stability

Whether it’s arguing about political policy or social issues, the term “hand up not hand out” comes up quite often. Whether you agree with that term or not, or the political arguments such simplified statements often bring out, this is a good description of what sober living homes are there for. These places provide help to people who want it, and people who desire to stay clean and sober but don’t have any supportive home environment to do so in. By offering a safe place and roommates with similar goals, people who otherwise wouldn’t have any support get all the tools and support they need in order to turn their lives around.

Anyone who thinks a sober home is just some government funded “vacation” is badly misinformed. Individuals who choose to live in a sober house are going to find themselves part of a group of people splitting full time responsibilities. Every house member is expected to pay rent, every house member is expected to split the costs of utilities, food, and other common bills and everyone is expected to chip in with their household chores. The point of a sober home is to provide friends and support and a completely drug and alcohol free environment that aides in recovery. Recovering alcoholics or drug addicts aren’t allowed to just take weeks off on end, they’re expected to be a supportive and active member of their community. In short, they’re expected to live life.click this link now: sober living Austin

Many sober homes will have private bedrooms for each individual but shared bathrooms, shared commons areas, and a shared kitchen to encourage people to truly chip in and live as a community. Sober homes are made to be ideal for people who truly want to be clean but can’t do it surrounded by temptation at home. By moving themselves to a safe location, they are given a clean chance to make good on any verbal promises to stay clean and live well.

Many sober living homes have no requirements on how long individuals can live there. If a person wants to live there year after year and stays in good standing by following the rules and paying their way, then no one is going to force them out back to a bad environment. This is perhaps one of the largest advantages of living in a sober home.

Part of the reason many people support sober living homes is because they give a clear cut example of actually effectively helping people out while any person who truly wants to come clean from alcohol or drug addiction is given the empowering environment to do so. This combination is rarely found in social programs of any kind whether public or private, and helps explain the broad support and strong success that many sober living homes enjoy. By truly giving a “hand up” in real life instead of in rhetoric, these homes make a huge difference to many recovering and recovered addicts who just needed that little bit of help to stay clean and turn their lives around.